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Kruso Ltd is a private company. The company has been established in1997 with private capital.

Basic activities of the company are catering and tourism. Reputable restaurant Konoba Kruso within the bathing area Raffaelo records continuous development in its domain.

The company Kruso has recognized needs of the market and extended its activities in 2006 by establishing of new unit Niskogradnja.
Basic activity is execution of construction works in the domain of civil engineering, building construction, designing, production of stone aggregates, concrete, concrete constructions and execution of all construction works.

During 2008, net revenues were reached of 5.403.202,00€ and in former period the Company has regularly and on time paid its obligations toward the trustees and regular duties of performance (taxes, contributions, VAT).
Kruso Niskogradnja Ltd owns licenses for execution of works on buildings, for construction of hydro-technical designs, waterworks and sewerage installations, for performance of works in traffic and hydro-techniques and also for civil-engineering works.

In the field of civil engineering, Kruso niskogradnja has leading position, as well as with market oriented performance and also with quality of services and products.

Staff structure
There are seventy employed workers. The company employs high educated and expert workers:
- graduated civil engineer – main engineer – four employees
- graduated engineer of architecture – one employee
- graduated mining engineer - one employee
- technical support – one employee
- technicians of civil engineering – four employees
- qualified workers (worker on reinforcement, carpenters, brick makers, drivers and drivers of building machines)
- nonqualified workers (supporting staff)

The company also gives scholarships to young cadre who will, after finishing the school, get employed.
All employees, beside obligatory health insurance, have insurance policies.
Manufacturing process is made in cooperation with the Institute for civil engineering according to verified instructions.
With the introduction of management standard quality QMS ISO 9001:2008 and environmental protection standards ISO 14001:2004, Ltd Kruso goes step by step with the time and market requests.

Quality, speed and accuracy in work execution in civil engineering and building construction, are confirmed by former results and contentment of business partners.



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Krušo D.O.O.
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Telephone: +382 31 336 020
Fax: +382 31 336 019
e-mail: krusozona@t-com.me