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radnikKruso Niskogradnja Ltd. was founded in 2006 and registered into register office in Podgorica.

We are providing following services: 
- earthwork (wide excavations, with outfreight) 
- preliminary earthwork for road ways, 
- drainage earthwork 
- special work (underwater concreting) 
- building constructions 
- transportation 
- transportation of cement 
- woodwork 

Our company handles all necessary equipment and machines, as well as high experienced qualified workers who gives guaranties for successful accomplishment for all work tasks. 

Nowadays, we are engaging 25 to 30 permanent employees (residents), but depending of the scope of works, we engage migrant workers. Tourist compound Rafaello hires about 40, and UO Niskogradnja takes on about 60 migrant workers.



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Kruso Ltd. looks up for number of various skilled workers.

Krušo D.O.O.
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Telephone: +382 31 336 020
Fax: +382 31 336 019
e-mail: krusozona@t-com.me